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Legislation Update: Iowa Sports Officials Bill

House File 2078 was introduced in January, but it appears this bill never gained enough interest or traction to make it a legislative priority and hence it has not advanced past the critical funnel week in the 2024 Iowa Legislative Session. That’s not cool.

But on the brighter side, it appears to be alive on the Senate side, but just barely.

Senate File 521 (successor to SSB 1193) by Mike Bousselot: An act relating to assaults on sports officials, making penalties applicable, and including effective date provisions. Read first time and referred to committee on Judiciary. Subcommittee (Bousselot, Boulton, Evans)

It seems nobody but perhaps officials and maybe some schools or athletic directors care because nobody is advocating for it: we don’t have any lobbyists asking for it. And only squeaky wheels get the grease at our Capitol. If a law like this can come up for a vote, it’s going to take grass roots support. Email the key senators involved if (their addresses are linked here: Jack Whitver, Mike Bousselot and Nate Boulton) and ask them to bring SF 521 (Penalty for Assaults on Sports Officials) to a vote. It’s almost certain to pass if it does. Then we’d need to revive the house side again.

Let them know if this matters to you.

Reference: Senate version of the bill Iowa Legislature – BillBook

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