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Small Town Football

Without game officials, it’s just recess.

Give back to the game you always loved. Raise the quality of the sport. Teach kids sportsmanship. Stay in shape. Make a few bucks on the side. Learn and advance to higher levels. Whatever your motivation, officiating is critically important to the student athletes and teams in Central Iowa. You can be the difference.

Mission of DMOA

The DMOA was formed to help identify, train, educate and develop sports officials in Central Iowa in the sports of football and basketball to become more proficient, knowledgeable and experienced in their officiating endeavors. [Purpose Statement]


Both boys and girls basketball teams in this area need more good officials. Learn how to get started or improve your game.


Learn how to get started – getting local games in this area and how to either find a crew to join or starting your own crew.

Referee on KO - Martensdale
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Think you’ve got what it takes?
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We are always looking for new members

Whether you’re an experienced official or brand new, let’s talk about how the DMOA can help you. Men and women of all ages and backgrounds are needed.