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Want to support the Hay Bale King?

Dan Johnson

In this new age of NIL deals, thought I’d bring your attention to an Iowa Hawkeye football player, Gennings Dunker. He’s been making news as the Hay Bale King or champion of the Hay Bale Toss at Solon Beef Days the past two years. Not only is he likeable big kid, he’s also the oldest son of a of former DMOA member, Mike Dunker. Mike was the white hat on my first crew and moved to Lena, IL nearly 20 years ago. Gennings gets much of his size & physique from Dad, but his good looks and red hair definitely from his Mom, Michelle. Take a look at the new shirt from Raygun, “I CHEER FOR THE HAY BALE KING.” Just $25.

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Gennings used to be the terror of Norwalk’s flag football team — famously banned from the league for excessive rough play, no doubt encouraged by Mike. Today he wears 67 for the Hawks, a 6′ 5″ 320-lb. sophomore offensive lineman. Don’t let the sweet smile fool you: he’s got a nasty streak.