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Mission and Purpose Statement

The Des Moines Officials Association was formed to help identify, train, educate and develop sports officials in Central Iowa who desire to affiliate and socialize with like-minded officials working in the sports of football and basketball, in an effort to become more proficient, knowledgeable and experienced in their officiating endeavors.

  • Identify new prospective officials through invitation and mentoring
  • Educate through hosting and sponsorships of camps, clinics and other training events
  • Develop and support the continuous growth of area officials by helping identify and assign area officials as needed in support of youth, recreation and high school interscholastic football and basketball competition events
  • Conduct annual recruiting and membership drive to add/retain new and existing members
  • Host an annual banquet to promote comradery and fellowship with other area officials and to promote our brand and recognition
  • Utilize social media platforms and association website to publish information regarding upcoming events, training opportunities and local area needs for officials for both football and basketball games

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